Rules of the Wiki & Chat

These are the rules of the wiki and chat. If you have any problems with these rules, please contact an admin. If you think someone is bending or breaking the rules, please contact one of the admins as well. Not reading these rules is not an excuse.

  • Do not add false info, spread rumours or add inappropriate info on any page.
  • No form of bullying is allowed (Cyber-bullying, threats, insults, spreading rumours, accusations, harassing and etc).
  • There is a limit to spamming. Caps and emojis are allowed, but please don't go crazy or add repetitive comments.
  • No badge-gaming, and there are no exceptions.
  • No sexual language or profanity. However, abbreviations are allowed.
  • No rewording pages. That is considered badge-gaming, and you will receive a warning.
  • No duplicate accounts. If anyone is caught having a duplicate account, they will be blocked.
  • No mentions of the name Mighty Lab Theory/Eliteforcer. This username is forbidden on the wiki. Do not accuse anybody of this either, or you will recieve a warning or get blocked.
  • Please do not give out any personal information. If you do so, you shall get a warning or be blocked.

If you think we are missing a rule, feel free to contact an admin and see if the rule can be instituted.